Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Happy Wednesday friends! We hope you're short week is off to a fabulous start. 
We're excited to share a project co-founder Maya of Charmingly Styled is working on, and hope that you'll join the mini-movement as well. 

As bloggers, we all know the pressure we put on ourselves to make our life and blog full of "Instagram/Pinterest-worthy" moments. As we all struggle with the strive for perfection, the constant desire to compare, and the need to constantly be better, we tend to put a lot of unrealistic pressure and expectations on ourselves. On June 16th, we're hoping to share some blogging realness to show one another that we're not all perfect, and that our struggles as bloggers and people is an important part of our stories. Interested in joining the party? Here's a few easy peasy steps to get in on the realness:

1) Share out a personal story on 6/16 about a struggle or issue you're personally passionate about. Take a moment from your normal blogging routine to show your readers a side of yourself you may not always feel comfortable putting out there for the world to see!

2) Link up over at www.charminglystyled.com so we can all read each other's stories!

3) Read, share, and send love to each other to keep the support going strong. Who doesn't love a little love note, or a supportive comment now and then?

In the meantime, we'd love to make this even bigger - so feel free to share on your own blogs or social channels using #RealBloggerBeauty. 

Thanks to everyone for your support so far, and feel free to email Maya at charminglystyled@gmail.com with any questions! We can't wait to read your stories on June 16th!

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