Thursday, June 5, 2014

MKE Blogger Bazaar

Blogger Bazaar Milwaukee 

What: Blogger Bazaar Milwaukee, a newly created fashion extravaganza from Bloggers for their readers
and any other fashion ­forward individual
Where: Evolution Gastro Pong (formerly SPiN), 233 East Chicago Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
When: June 14th, 3­8pm

1. What is the concept of Blogger Bazaar Milwaukee?
Midwestern Bloggers will sell their stylish, new and second­hand clothes, such as shoes and accessories direct from their closets.

2. What inspired you to create the event/ Why did you want to create the event?
Volunteering for a couple local people in the fashion field last summer made me realize that Milwaukee's fashion scene is still underestimated by other cities, especially from nearby Chicago. I create this event to celebrate our growing fashion scene and to raise awareness of bloggers and businesses in the Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago areas.

3. What are you hoping everyone will get from the event?
I am hoping that everyone will enjoy themselves, network, make new connections and of course snatch some great items from our bloggers! We will have a variety of fun specials planned such as a braid bar by our hair stylists, tips and tricks on how to master your Make Up, great Giveaways and some delicious (gluten­free!) treats.
Use #mkeblogbazaar to take part in the fun at Twitter and Facebook and share pictures from the photo booth after!

4. What bloggers are showing pieces from their closets and will you be as well?
We will have nine bloggers showing their pieces: Katelyn Now (Milwaukee), Charmingly Styled (Chicago), Being Zhenya (Minneapolis), La Petite Fashionista (Madison), Chitownfashionista (Chicago), Fänny Müller (Milwaukee), Look sharp, Sconnie (Madison), Kinks are the new Pink (Chicago), Willfully Elegant (Milwaukee). I am still thinking whether to sell or not. Since I am the main person I want to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is having a great time and that might be hard behind a table, selling my clothes.

5. What are you most excited for?
After months of hard work and dedication it will be the best thing to see everything come together as one. Juggling my full time job and planning the Bazaar at the same time has been difficult sometime but seeing and hearing people get excited for this makes it all so worth it.

A little more information about Liv: Blog title: Love Always, Liv

Location: Milwaukee
My style is: (give a brief description) I am definitely a person that dresses how I feel. I love chic, unique and sophisticated looks but also enjoy a day in my Nike's, shorts and a simple T­Shirt. I love trying new trends and experiment whether it looks good on me or not.


  1. Oh man! I'm so disappointed I'm going to miss this! It sounds like a such a blast but I have a major family commitment that day. :( I'd love to participate in the future if something like this is held again!

    1. Hi Lindsay! I will definitely keep you in mind and keep you in the loop for any other events! :)

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