Monday, August 31, 2015

An Update From Midwest Bloggers

Hey Midwest Bloggers!

First off, we wanted to say, “Hi!” We know it’s been awhile since we last chatted, so we wanted to give you all an update about the Midwest Bloggers Network – and most importantly, thank you for being a part of it!

You may have noticed that things have been a little quieter than usual over the past few months around the Midwest Bloggers social accounts. While we love social media as much as the next gal, sometimes we need a break too! We wanted to take some time to figure out the future of Midwest Bloggers as well as determine what we think would add the most value for our members. After taking a little break we came up with some ideas and we’re hoping to implement them in the coming months!

To give you a little background, when the co-founders first got together, we anticipated bringing a group of 50 or so bloggers together – not knowing that the network would quickly grow to 500+ in just a few short months! It’s been a wild ride, and we’ve been so excited to be able to connect so many fabulous bloggers together while bringing more awareness to just how fashionable and creative us Midwesterners truly are. However, we also realized that managing so many updates, changes, new bloggers, etc was a bit more than we anticipated – so moving forward we’re making a few changes to make things easier for you, and ourselves. If you’re still interested in keeping up with the Midwest Bloggers, we’d love to have you add your information in this link right here so we can keep better records on our end (which also makes it easier for us to not have to add bloggers more manually!) While we totally get that people take much needed time off, we just ask that you have updated your blog in the last month or so to ensure that our membership is active. 

Additionally, once we’re able to revamp our list, we’re hoping to build more opportunities with brands, publications, etc! If you’re interested, please stay for the ride – we’re hoping it’s a good one :)

And finally, THANK YOU so much for your continued support and for being such an important part of this network. We love seeing your #MidwestBloggers posts across social and all the amazing content our network continues to share. We can’t wait for what the future holds as we continue to serve our members better and we truly thank you for your involvement. 

The Midwest Bloggers Team