Monday, June 2, 2014

Behind the blog: Melanie of Melanie Makes

1) When & why did you start blogging?

I originally started blogging as my husband was interviewing for residency positions to document the process.  It continued to be a way to document our family until last year when I bought my own domain name and truly figured out what I wanted my space to become.

2) What’s the greatest thing that’s come out of blogging?

This March, I was named one of the Top 5 Everyday Food Bloggers by Better Homes and Gardens magazine - definitely a jaw dropping moment!

3) When you’re not blogging, what can you be found doing?

I take care of nine living things in our home each day - me, my husband, our two daughters, our son, a dog, two cats and a turtle.  WHEW!  Basically each day I'm caring for them and making sure everyone is where they need to be.  Blogging is definitely my "me" time.

4) What’s your “can’t live without” piece in your closet, kitchen,  home etc?

In my kitchen, it's my OXO Medium Cookie Scoop.  I use that gadget for everything!  Filling pasta shells, making muffins, and of course, making cookies!  My attention to detail self loves that all of my baked goods are uniform in size thanks to that scoop!

5) On a Friday night, what can you be found doing? 

Friday night has become family movie night at our house.  I'm in charge of picking the movie and then it's all about popcorn and treats for dinner.  The best way to start the weekend!
6) What’s your favorite “little thing” in life?

Right now, it's going on a walk with my family.  I have the dog in one hand and the handle of a wagon in the other carrying my son.  My two daughters are riding their bikes or walking along splashing in puddles.  We must look like a parade going down the sidewalk but it always works to refresh my batteries and enjoy some time unplugged together!

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