Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brittanie's Thyme- Midwest Based Organic Skincare

We love to support & spread the word about Midwest based companies that have brands that we believe in! We're excited to share a review of Brittanie's Thyme a Michigan based Organic Skin Care company. Their products are USDA certified, non-gmo, vegan and gluten free and we had the honor of testing them out and reviewing them.

Check out each Midwest Bloggers' founder review of their organic skin care product line below:

"As I get older, skincare has become much more important to me. Between what I use to remove my make up to the moisturizer and SPF I use, I am very conscious of what goes on my skin. I particularly love the eye oil. My favorite part of my face to play up with make-up are my eyes. Which means primer, concealer, highlighter, eye shadow, liner, plus mascara. While this eye oil not only protects the precious skin under my eyes (aka the bags), it also gently removes my eye make-up. A double-whammy product. I also love that it's organic, I can read the label and know exactly what was used to create the product."

"As someone with self-proclaimed problem skin, I'm always looking to try new all-natural products. While my skincare routine usually involves cleanser, moisturizer and acne spot treatment, I've loved adding some toner into the mix. Usually toner makes my skin burn, but Brittanie's Thyme is actually totally refreshing! Plus, it smells like peppermint which I love, especially before going to sleep."

We all know that moisturizer is one of the most important finishing touches to our skincare routine and it’s OK to be picky about which ones we use—I know I am. I tend to have combination skin meaning I breakout out but my skin can also get really dry and having both at the same time can get really confusing. Do I use drying acne medication or moisturizing lotion? #HELP I was extremely excited to try Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Everyday Moisturizer because I’ve been jumping on the all-natural bandwagon lately.+

  The consistency was not too thick and not too then, but just right to soak into my face and nourish my skin while helping maintain its natural balance. I’m definitely a huge fan of it and at $20 how can I not be. I’ve spent A LOT more on other products that are just so-so. I love it so much that I’ve been adding a little to my foundation or I use it in the morning as a primer. The silk-like texture creates a smooth canvas to evenly apply my makeup. 

I've slowly been trying to transition my beauty & skincare regimen over to all natural & organic products and it makes a world of a difference (& gives me some added peace of mind)! I was excited to try out Brittanie's Thymes product because they're based out of the Midwest and have all of the qualities I care about. The facial cleanser was right up my Florida girl alley because it had a faint citrusy scent. I loved that it felt lightweight without any tingling and still made my face feel so fresh and so clean (clean)!

Everyone be sure to check out their site & help support Brittanie's Thyme- a  fantastic (& fantastic for you) Midwest organic skincare brand!

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