Friday, August 8, 2014


      Hi there, my name is Courtney Dunsmore and I'm a personal style blogger at  As We Stumble AlongI'm just a basic Iowa teenager—except I have a passion for thrifting and layering. At As We Stumble Along, I show what I wear day-to-day and how to wear certain pieces in ways you hadn't thought of before. I think that there's no reason we need to spend as much on clothes as the popular stores want us to, so I like to show off good thrift finds and how to rework the wardrobe you already have. I love writing for As We Stumble Along because I just love clothes and I have a way of rambling about the tiniest details. (On the blog, I can't tell if people stop listening while I'm talking...)

Jalpa- I actually met Jalpa in person at a blogger style event in Chicago-she has such an eye for pairing pieces
in ways you wouldn't have thought of before,and she rocks bright colors better than anyone else.

Amanda-Amanda wears the boldest pieces in totally wearable outfits,and she looks like she's having so much fun in
her photos. Who else could work a fanny pack?!

Katy-First of all,the name is SO FUN. I love it,and it's so creative!(:  The photos are beautiful,the outfits(and Katy herself) are/is stunning..there's nothing not to love.

Erin- The way Erin blogs is like she's talking to a best friend-honest and relaxed,I love it.She always looks like she's having so much fun in her pictures!(:

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  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely women! All amazing looks. Amanda's look is so bold and cool!