Friday, August 1, 2014


Hey there! Rachel here with Suburban Style Challenge for the Midwest Bloggers Friday Favorites Linkup. Before I share with you some of my favorite Midwest Bloggers, here's a quick bit about me. I started Suburban Style Challenge about three years ago, having noticed that most of the local style blogs were written by girls who lived or worked in the city, making their blogs very city-focused, and that most of the suburban bloggers were moms. Friends and family have long complemented my style and my nose for a good deal, and at the urging of a few close friends, SSC was born. Blogging is my “whenever I have time” gig. By day, I’m a Creative Marketing Manager for a company that makes computer peripherals. It’s a pretty awesome job, and not only is my inner nerd allowed to come out and play, but I have the freedom to wear pretty much anything I want to the office (within reason, of course). I love crafts, thrifting, my husband, shoes, and my dog Trixie (uh, but not in that order necessarily) and enjoy sharing great deals, fun outfits, and other stuff over at Suburban Style Challenge, so come check it out! But of course, before you do, go some these fab ladies some love first!

Maya from Charmingly Styled
I'm newer to Charmingly Styled, but I love Maya's point of view, her looks, and her overall take on life itself. She does some fun DIYs and hosts some cool giveaways, and let's not forget that she was the driving force behind #realbloggerbeauty!

Thriftanista in the City's Troy
Troy is a thrifting genius, and always finds incredible pieces that she styles in ways that make you want to run to the nearest thrift store to find something similar. She runs a great thrifting group on Facebook too, and shares her finds, tips, and more.

Erin from Loop Looks
Erin does a great job of expressing her style without falling into the boring "business casual" bucket that so many who have to dress that way do. She's got a knack for finding good deals, an incredible eye for pattern mixing, and a cute dog. What isn't to love?!

Modly Chic's Katy Rose
Modly Chic might be one of the first Midwest-focused style blogs I started following. I love the tips she gives on many of her posts, the FBFF meme she started (and recently resurrected), and watching her style change as she moves from place to place.

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