Friday, July 25, 2014


Hi there, my name is Alexandria Stratton and the blogger behind Styled In The Heartland. I write a lot about thrifting and vintage pieces. One of my favorite things to is rummage through thrift shops, vintage stores and check out yard sales. You can say I’m a bit obsessed with it.  I am a firm believer that you can shop with $10 or less and my personal motto, “You can make tacky happen”. I currently am studying marketing and living on a budget in Iowa. My blog was just a creative outlet and an all around fun way to show off my clothes instead of just wearing them. I have along ways to go in my dreams with my blog, but I really know it can happen! What I really enjoy about MB is that there was open arms for someone like me who had no knowledge of blogging but decided to do it anyways. I hope you enjoy my link ups and have a great weekend.

1. Kayla- I love this blog because it’s so colorful, fun and keeps me inspired. She always seems to have fun DIY projects I can easily create.

2. Tori-Tori posts a lot of things I would personally buy myself. I love being able to relate to her fashion choices. Plus she’s a total pet lover. I really enjoy blogs with dogs—hey that rhymes ha!

3. Jaime- This girl is so down to earth with her writing and her clothing. She also wears a lot of clothing I’d wear too. I am obsessed with her cutesy style. Plus I enjoying seeing her pictures of what she does day-to-day and not just style.

4. Catherine- She is so adorable! I love her travel diary in NYC. It’s fun experiencing New York City with her. I want to read a blog that captivates me—and one that totally has a cute girl writing it. She features a lot of things I can afford and it’s not over the top expensive items! It’s such a regal blog. 

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