Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Behind the Midwest Blogger: Meet intern Marissa!

We're so excited to introduce you to our newest member of the team, Marissa! Marissa will be helping us with social media, penning some of our posts and much more. To get to know her a bit better, we asked her a few hard hitting questions covering everything from 40% off sales to her dreams in the fashion industry! 
Name: Marissa Monett
Blog Name: I don’t have a personal blog but I write fashion content for MODA, UW-Madison’s fashion and lifestyle publication
Current City: Madison, Wisconsin

1) When & why did you start becoming interested in fashion?
I’ve always been interested in styling clothes. Gap skorts were my signature look in elementary school and yes, I did own jelly shoes. Fashion, however, has been a more recent development. When I decided to start writing about clothes two years ago, I realized there was a whole world I thought I knew but had only scratched the surface of. In order to have a voice in “fashion” I needed to learn more about it. That’s when my passion really began to grow. The more I discover in the art form, the more passionate I become.
2) What’s the greatest thing that’s come out of blogging or writing for MODA?
I believe the greatest thing that’s come from writing for MODA is a sense of self-fulfillment. Seeing others’ interest in something you’ve worked hard to create is easily one of the best feelings. The people I’ve met through MODA and the opportunities I’ve received fit in here, too. Working hard at something and seeing results is so rewarding.
3)  When you’re not writing or dreaming of fashion, what can you be found doing?
Not dreaming of fashion? Do I do anything else? JUST KIDDING. I’m actually a go-go-go kind of gal. This summer you can find me working as an Ecommerce Intern, socializing on the Terrace, exploring new areas of the city, rearranging my room, reading a book, starting a million shows on Netflix, or sitting by the water. Most importantly, what ever you find me doing, it will, without a doubt, be with a coffee. You don’t know a coffee-addict until you’ve met me. Latte love <3
4) If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one thing you would take with you? 
 My phone. For good or for bad, it’s with me 100% of the time. Sometimes I decide I’m going to do a detox from technology but then my Instagram feed distracts me.
5)What's your “can’t live without” piece in your closet, kitchen, home etc.?
My style changes on a daily basis but the two pieces that always fit my mood are 1) my favorite white tee and 2) an oversized striped tee. Both shirts move seamlessly between minimalistic grunge to city chic to casual prep. Luhhhh versatility. Oh I lied. I also can’t live without my white Converse. Never thought I’d be obsessed with a pair of sneakers but I love the juxtaposition they give to dressier pieces. 
6) On a Friday night, what can you be found doing?
I’m a social butterfly and a huge foodie, so Friday nights are always well spent with friends and awesome food. If you have a favorite restaurant, let me know and we can totally become best friends over dinner. We’ll be even better if that food has to do with breakfast.
7) What’s your favorite quote? Or what’s a quote that describes you?
“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid” – Lupita Nyong’ Ever since I watched her give this genuine message in her Oscar acceptance speech, it’s been my motto.
8) What’s your dream job if you haven’t landed it yet?
My dream job would be working on the content production and design of Net-a-Porter’s “The Edit.” I love digital media, design, branding, writing and fashion. It’d be a dream-come-true to work in something that combined them all.
9) Guilty pleasures?
Sour Patch Kids and Pretty Little Liars
10) What’s your favorite “little thing” in life?
“Extra 40% off ALL sale items”
No, I’m just kidding. Well sort of. I’d definitely say my favorite “little thing” in life is the slightly brisk air on an early summer morning. I don’t love getting up early, but sipping coffee in the quiet air with a whole day ahead of you is a pretty cool feeling. 
11) What are you most excited about working with Midwest Bloggers? 
I’m most excited about both being a part of and contributing to such a wonderful initiative. The support and positivity I’ve seen as a reader and, now, experienced on a personal level from Midwest Bloggers brings me so much joy. I love opportunities to explore areas I’m passionate about. Midwest Bloggers does that through blogging but, most importantly, through being a part of a massive support system.

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