Friday, July 18, 2014


Hi guys! I'm Alissa and I blog, talk about polka dots, post-graduate life and discuss important things like sour gummy worms over at The Adored Life. One of my favorite things to do is tell people I'm from Kansas, I blog and was home educated. That combination sends people into shock. What I love about Midwest Bloggers is that it really showcases that the Midwest is NOT what you think. We are classy, sassy, talented and have a strong voice! I'm excited to host the link-up this week to show that! 

Maya: I may have the biggest girl crush on Maya. She is witty, brilliant at her job, builds up women around her and her instagram makes me hungry.

Jessica: I know this girl in real life and she is freaking awesome, know what's up in Kansas City and is so incredibly open and honest about life and the lessons it has taught her. 

Ashley: Her shoe collection could make a grown woman cry, she doesn't take crap and is the epitome of what a kick-butt woman should be. 

Melissa: Melissa has a magical way of turning a piece of paper into some magical confetti holder, never fails to always have something crafty happening and is a the Martha Stewart of things involving sprinkles. 

Make sure to link up below with your favorite post of the week.


  1. I am so excited to have found Midwest Bloggers through Alissa! I just applied and am excited to meet some new friends.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. You just made my day Alissa! I'm glad we know each other in real life ;)

  3. Midwest ladies, represent! Thanks for the feature, babe. I feel pretty honored to be included in such a killer group of girls. You're the bessssst! :)