Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Need to Know: Dealetin

We love being able to introduce you to so many new networks and technologies to aid life both on and offline. We're so excited to have Tyler from Dealetin here to help our mommy bloggers score a deal or two! 

Dealetin is a portmanteau of "bulletin" as in bulletin board and "deal."

It's a digital bulletin board where moms and businesses that cater towards moms can easily pin deals from other websites.

The site has been compared to Pinterest but toned down for stylish moms and only products that are on sale. Pinterest is great, but we're not about sharing any crafts, recipes, marketing pie charts, etc.. It's all about bargain shopping.

We are located in Ozark, MO, a small town between Springfield and the well-known entertainment town of Branson.

Our users however are all over the world. One of our first members was www.cahette.com which is a French specialty website that carries unique quality housewares and decor that are made in small batches.

Dealetin is the perfect site for stylish moms who love to shop, save money and share their findings with other moms. If you like Pinterest, shopping and deals, then you'll like Dealetin.

Joining is very simple. We give you three options. You can signup fast and seamlessy with Facebook or Twitter, or you can do so with an email address.

You start off by following at least 5 users that have pinned deals in categories that you'd like to see more deals of, then you have the option to install the "pin deal" bookmarklet that is designed to go in your bookmarks bar in Chrome to allow you to easily pin deals when you're shopping on other sites.

Once logged on, you can repin deals, "bank" them, which saves them to your profile so you can go back and buy them later if you'd like and comment on deals.

You can also create new categories, boards, and even secret boards to be shared only with users you select.

If you see a deal, that you want to buy, it's very easy. Just click once on it to enlarge it, then click the "get deal" button and you'll be taken to that deal where you can buy it right then and there.

Sharing deals to your facebook, twitter, or blog is also very easy. Again, click on the deal to enlarge it and then share it to whatever platform you choose.

The economy is bad, health insurance among other things are increasing drastically, and having kids is very expensive. Moms are brilliant at getting what they want for less and we wanted to create a community where stylish Moms can hangout to shop, share and save.

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