Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hometown Favorites: Chicago's Madison & Rayne

Although we love a healthy meal at home, it's hard to balance life, blogging & work when there's so much going on! Luckilly for us, the lovely ladies of 2 Girls in 2 Cities are dishing about a few of their favorite dinner kit delivery services, including Madison & Rayne in Chicago! Read their review and check out an awesome discount code if you're in the Chicago area. 

Jennie of 2 Girls in 2 Cities recently tried her first dinner kit delivery service and was really impressed with the quality of her meals and how affordable of an option it is. It's perfect for nights she doesn’t feel like cooking but still wants a healthy, filling dinner in. To spread the news of Chicago-based Madison & Rayne, Jennie is sharing what she learned about the company, as well as how you can get $25 off your first meal order.

What is Madison & Rayne?
Madison & Rayne is a Chicago-based business that combines the quality of a personal chef with the convenience and cost savings of cooking at home. The co-founders are Melanie Mityas and Chef Josh Jones, a professional chef. Madison & Rayne offers contemporary American dishes to people who may not have the time or energy to shop for ingredients. Every ingredient for the meals are prepared in Madison & Rayne’s kitchen, then delivered, ready-to cook, to customers. “Think personal shopper, personal assistant, and personal delivery all rolled into one,” says Mityas.

The meals are delivered to customers once a week. Everything is packed in airtight containers (which are recycled) and all ingredients are chopped, the sauces and stocks are already prepared, and each ingredient is labeled so that the preparation is step-by-step and fool-proof.

Is it easy to follow along?
Each meal comes with step-by-step directions and typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes from start to table. They use a minimal amount of pots, pans and utensils. In case the “chefs” do run into any questions, Madison & Rayne even provides a hotline that’s manned Tuesday through Friday from 5 to 9:30 p.m. for customers with questions.

Who is Madison & Rayne for?
This is a great solution for someone who lives alone or couples who may not have the time to cook or don’t want to buy many ingredients for just one meal. It’ also a great solution for parents who would like to expose their children to cooking and a mature palette, but make the food prep simple for them. Or, parents can enjoy the meals on their own while their children enjoy simpler meals.

What are the menu options?

There are many popular, signature dishes that are always on the menu, but Madison & Rayne also adds many special items on a bi-weekly basis. All of the dishes are based on seasonality and many ingredients are locally sourced, so customers always cook with fresh ingredients that are at their peak.

Dishes can be ordered with gluten-free options and many can be ordered as vegetarian dishes. Also, customers with food allergies can request substitute ingredients.

How do I order?
Customers may order once a week before Saturday at 5 p.m. to have their dishes delivered Tuesday afternoon or evening. Go and select the meal and serving size you want. For a limited time, at checkout enter code 2GRLS25 for $25off your first order. 

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