Monday, April 14, 2014

Behind the Brand: Maya of Charmingly Styled

Happy Monday Midwest Bloggers! We're kicking off the week with one of our co-founders, Maya over at Charmingly Styled! See how she started blogging and her advice for those who are just starting out! 

1)   When & why did you start blogging?
I started blogging about a year and a half ago when I was working a not so creative corporate job. Most of my day was spend crunching numbers and managing a team, so I wanted an outlet to work on my design skills and showcase my love of fashion. I had no idea it would turn into such a great way to meet bloggers from around the world and create an incredible community of people with similar interests! 

2)   What’s the greatest thing that’s come out of blogging? 
Connecting with other bloggers and brands has been so rewarding {and definitely worth the hours it takes to blog!}. Part of how I got my current job was through networking with other bloggers, so it's really helped propel my career. 

3)   When you’re not blogging, what can you be found doing? 
You can find me working {a lot!}, eating my way through Chicago, watching movies with my super cool boyfriend and ogling other people's puppies {I have a problem…}

4)   If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one thing you would take with you?
Coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Also a solar powered computer to I could write my friends emails ;)

5)   What’s the one piece of advice you would share with bloggers just starting out? 
Don't compare yourself to others! As one of my favorite quotes says, "don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." It's hard sometimes when you're just starting out to establish yourself and your community, but just keep going! You'll find that all your hard work pays off if you stick with it. 

6)   What’s your “can’t live without” piece in your closet, kitchen,  home etc? 
I lovea good Kate Spade purse, and I've acquired quite the collection from their 75% off sales {score!}

7)   On a Friday night, what can you be found doing? 
Hanging with my sweet man-friend, drinking a bottle of wine & blogging! 

8)   How do you balance blogging with a work/social life? 
Isn't that the million dollar question! Between blogging for my own blog, Midwest Bloggers & work full time, it's definitely a challenge. I tend to take a whole day out of the weekend to get ahead on blogging, otherwise there's I don't have enough time with everything else during the week. 

9) What’s your dream job if you haven’t landed it yet? 
I currently work in social media, and I would love one day to do social for a fashion or lifestyle brand! Otherwise, it would be amazing to start my own management and consulting company as well. We'll see where my career takes me, but I'm crossing my fingers :)

11) Guilty pleasures?
Pretty Little Liars. Popcorn. Lattes. Lots of chocolate :)

12)  What’s your favorite “little thing” in life? 
Snail mail {even though I'm terrible at sending it!}, coming home to clean house after a long day {as rarely as it happens} and catching up with friends over drinks! 


  1. Maya is the cutest! Love her sass, and super fun style. :)


  2. Such a great peek into your life, Maya :) I love that blogging helped you find a more creatively driven career. You rock! Also, getting a piece of snail mail from a friend or family member seriously makes my day.

    26 and Not Counting

    1. Me too! Let's be penpals so I can send you pretty stationary, haha.

  3. Girl, I wish you lived closer, we need to have PLL marathons! Also it is SO great to hear that blogging has helped propel your career. I recently read a book on corporate blogging (looking into starting one for my full-time job, being the blogger-in-chief) and the book said you should downplay your personal blog as it might hold you back from getting your dream job. I was appalled honestly because I truly believe having this experience, background and working with brands shows SO many skill sets that many of us might not get at an 8-5 job! Glad to know it has helped you out! Also, "super cool boyfriend" lol, I bet he is super super cool! :)

    1. TOTALLY! Whoever wrote that book should not be an author, haha. It's important to establish your own presence to show your knowledge of the field {and hey, it might even drive more traffic to the corporate blog too!}. Let me know if you have any questions too - I would love to chat about your career shift! xx