Monday, April 7, 2014

Behind the Blogger: Jocelyn & Martha of the JCR Girls

We're thrilled to be featuring the lovely Jocelyn & Martha of the JCR Girls in this week's Behind the Blogger feature! If you're as J.Crew obsessed as we are, you've probably stumbled across their amazing blog & scored on their awesome sale advice from them. Check out how they got started & learn a little bit more about the girls behind the blog. 

1)   When & why did you start blogging? 

J: We started blogging in 2010 honestly to have some writing samples for interviews and an outlet for our sarcasm. We continued blogging because we became truly passionate about the community of our readers and finding new and creative ways to connect with them and share what we loved with them.

M: We (Jocelyn and Martha) started blogging in July 2010 at the request of a friend's mom. She said, "You'd be so good at blogging!" so we went ahead and set up a Wordpress blog the next day. We were in college at the time, so we saw it as a nice creative outlet and resume builder to help us land Marketing/PR internships.  

2)   What’s the greatest thing that’s come out of blogging? 
J: The greatest thing that has come out of blogging for me is the realization of what I am truly passionate about. The JCR Girls has given me so many opportunities to learn about marketing and branding, and also provided me with a creative outlet and community of people to share my passion with.

M: We've met some wonderful people through the blog, but our proudest moment has to be getting featured in Fast Company! We both have the issue framed at our apartments. 

3)   When you’re not blogging, what can you be found doing? 
J: When I'm not blogging you will most likely find me reading other blogs, brunching, running, and exploring my new home, NYC!
M: Running, biking, grabbing coffee or a cocktail with friends, doing crafts...but most likely working.

4)   If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one thing you would take with you?
J: Coffee to power my brain to find a way to get off the island or wine to cope with it...I can't decide.  

M:  I'm guessing an everlasting iPhone doesn't count, either? In that case a water filter system - assuming that this island is surrounded by salt water. So there's my practical answer.

5)   What’s the one piece of advice you would share with bloggers just starting out? 
J: Trust yourself and believe in your voice. If you want to write about something that isn't already out there on a million other blogs...that's probably a good thing. When we started out it was purely for fun and I think we can attribute a lot of our success to that. Don't try to be someone you're not!

M: Don't be afraid to get yourself out there! Sometimes you want to read / revise your post a dozen times and take forever to press that "publish" button.  If you constantly hesitate to push publish (or finish your posts, for that matter) you'll never allow your blog to reach its full potential. 

6)   What’s your “can’t live without” piece in your closet, kitchen,  home etc? 
J: Oatmeal. I had my dad smuggle over an economy size box from Wisconsin for me, I literally can't live without it.

M: Laptop, J.Crew coats, coffee maker.

7)   On a Friday night, what can you be found doing?
J: Hopefully once the weather warms up I can say I'm spending my night at cute bars with patios (especially my favorite, Lavender Lake in Park Slope!), but for now it has been a lot of wine and Netflix with roomies after making dinner with plenty of dance breaks. 

M: Hopping on a plane to visit my fiancĂ© in Chicago or staying in to catch up on projects. 

8)   How do you balance blogging with a work/social life? 
J: This can be hard to do, but at the end of the day I am so passionate about The JCR Girls that it doesn't seem like it is something I have to fit into my life, it is just something that is a part of me and all the work that comes with it tends to fit in naturally!

M: Not gonna lie - it's really difficult! Jocelyn and I both work a LOT so finding time to blog or be social can be tough. We usually plan social events pretty far in advance so we save room for them (like our upcoming trip to Dallas - we've been planning this for months)! The blog just kind of ebbs and flows with our schedules. Luckily there's two of us (and some great guest contributors, too) so it never becomes too overwhelming.

9)   What’s your favorite quote? Or what’s a quote that describes you? 

J: "If you work really hard and you're kind amazing things will happen". -Conan O'Brien Honestly, this is proven to me more every day. No amount of charm can replace hard work and dedication, and when you are kind and send positive energy out into your environment you will get that right back and it will help you build bridges to where you are supposed to go in life. 

10)  What’s your dream job if you haven’t landed it yet? 
J: Um, anything at J. Crew Corporate...but seriously - I just want to be doing something that I love surrounded by people who love what they are doing, too. It's exciting to feel like I'm getting closer and closer with each new stage of my life.

M: Being an entrepreneur! I've started a couple of ventures already, and I'm sure there's plenty more in my future. Also, managing Twitter or Instagram for J.Crew doesn't sound half bad...

11)  Guilty pleasures? 
J: Pretty Little Liars and Ritter Cornflake bars!

M: Girls on HBO 

12)  What’s your favorite “little thing” in life? 
J: Spending time with the people I love - with my family and friends back in the Midwest - ever since I've moved to the East Coast our Skype dates and their little trips out to visit me are so important and my roommates - pretty much anything we do on the weekend together makes me happy!

M:  Snail mail. 

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