Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Tips: 10 Blogging Tips

Zhenya, from Being Zhenya was sweet enough to let us share her 10 Blogging Tips Post! She offers some extremely helpful tips about monetizing your blog, work life balance, inspiration, and advice for bloggers who are just starting out!

We love her site as a great resource for affordable style (she knows hot to find thrift store treasures like no one's business), DIY & blogging tips! Be sure to stop by & show her some love!

10 Blogging Tips from Being Zhenya

Being a style and beauty blogger is wonderful, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve been doing it for over 3 years now, and have been loving and grateful for every opportunity that’s come my way, BUT…… having a full-time job and being a full-time blogger is a challenge. I am going to be honest with you. I’ve been able to get away with it both at work and at home though. Do you want to know how I do it? Today I will answer some of the most popular questions I get asked and share some blogging tips!

1. Who takes your pictures?
The camera! It really does. Thanks to the voice activated feature in my Samsung Galaxy gadget, all I do is set up the tripod, and say “smile”. No need to set the timer. Though Sam sometimes takes my photos, especially when we are out and about.
Tip 1: Clear and beautiful pictures are a must! Yes I often edit mine, especially in the winter, but learning to play with your camera and finding the right person to take your photo will make fashion blogging so much easier. 
2. How can you afford all the outfits?
It’s simple, I thrift. 75-80% of my wardrobe came from a thrift store of some kind. I also recycle a lot of clothes by refashioning them, or finding something I thought was long lost in the depths of my wardrobe.
Tip 2It’s not about the trends, it’s about your personal style. You don’t need to post a new outfit 7 days a week, otherwise you’ll go broke. Recycle, combine, mix and match! Styling is fun!
3. When do you find time to blog?
I blog at night after work, in the morning before work, on my lunch break at work, and of course during the weekends. What does my husband say about it? He is busy studying for CPA!
Tip 3: Never let your blogging get in the way of your personal life. Family and friends come first!
4. Where do you find inspiration? 
Usually from fashion magazines, and blogs. My father-in-law just came back from a trip to Japan and Hong Kong, and I got 3 new fashion magazines from that part of the world! I can’t describe how fascinated I am!
Tip 4: It’s all about an open mind and an open heart. Allow new experiences, new friendships, new opportunities in your life.
5. How are you always posting on your social media channels?
I schedule tweets/posts through buffer, and then Instagram pictures that I took beforehand throughout the day.
Tip 5: Lunch breaks and coffee breaks are perfect for a little social media check up. 
6. Do you get paid for anything?
Yes, I write sponsored posts, and I always disclose that. I decided against ads (I used to have them when I blogged on WordPress.com), because they are distracting. I also do social media campaigns for different blogger networks. I also receive beauty and fashion products for free through sites like iFabbo or BrandBacker. 
Tip 6: To be discovered by brands, build relationships with them first on Social Media, Twitter is especially good for that. And make sure to always have your email address on the “About Me” page of your site.
7. What is the best part about blogging?
You are! I love my readers! Did you think I was going to say free clothes?
Tip 7: Never forget why you started blogging. 
8. Would you ever consider blogging full-time?
Yes, and it’s in my plans! But because I don’t want to do ads, it’s definitely going to be challenging. So I need to find ways to make money without sabotaging my reputation.
Tip 8: Set goals for your blog. Know where you are headed. 
9. What is your favorite/least favorite social media channel?
Twitter is definitely number one, Instagram is also in the top 3. But when it comes to Facebook, I am sorry, I just can’t!
Tip 9: Set up a Google + account and start posting, adding friends, creating circles, joining communities. NOW! 
10. What’s one advice you would give to a new blogger?
Don’t start a blog to get FREE stuff, make sure you really have something to say/show/share. And find your niche (I know it’s hard to do, especially for lifestyle bloggers), because it will help you in the long run.
Tip 10: Ask yourself this: If I was a reader, would I read my own blog? Would I comment on it? Like it? Share it? What can you do to make your blog more appealing to others?
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  1. Awesome advice! I love her blog and this was a great treat to see on the MSB site!

  2. These are all really great tips! I have a full-time job, but consider myself to be a part-time blogger and so far the balancing act has worked well for me :) I'm excited to start following along with you.

    26 and Not Counting

    1. It's hard having a full-time job and blogging almost full-time. I wish there was an easy way out, but so far there isn't, so I stay on a crazy schedule :)

  3. Such great tips!! Very easy action steps that anyone can do in a few minutes to improve. Just added my e-mail to my about me page :)


  4. Glad I was able to help out Amanda!

  5. Good Advice. You can tell she has really done it. Walking the walk!

    - Bryan

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