Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Behind the Brand: WhatRUWearing

Name:  Farissa Knox
Location: Chicago, IL

Business: WhatRUWearing

1) MB: What is WhatRUWearing? 

FK: WhatRUWearing is a social media platform serving as an interactive source of fashion feedback and daily inspiration, coming from the community of users on the site and WRUW equally.

2) MB: How did you launch WhatRUWearing? 
FK: The idea came to me a few years ago that there should be a place to go where you can see what girls all across the world are wearing in their regular, everyday lives. How they are wearing their LBD’s, jeans and favorite trends. It is great to get a peek into Beyonce’s closet when the paps catch her, but there is just as much, if not more, inspiration in what you wore today for me. After I wrapped my mind around the concept and features (which some have come and gone and others have stood the test of time), I thought for a while on what the name should be and purchased the domain name that day. It’s the number 1 question girls ask each other and themselves! 

3) Why did you start your business? 
WRUW is the second company I have started. So when the idea sparked, for me, it was just about finding the right people to help me make this a reality. The fear that some might have felt was not there. I am a business woman wanting to build things that people will love for a long time, if not me then who?

4) What makes WhatRUWearing innovative/new? 
We are so much more then a social media site. Our focus is engaging our users with original content and face-to-face social interaction on a regular basis. We want to give people a reason to dress up and have a cocktail with like-minded people- that’s what social really means. 

5) What's your ultimate goal for WhatRUWearing? 
I want WRUW to be an international version of itself. Connecting style savvy people around the world with each other, us delivering content that they care about in a unique way and inspiring people to think outside their closet. 

6) What's been your favorite thing about starting your own business? 
The freedom to do what you enjoy everyday with a hand picked team of people you love is a privilege that I am grateful for everyday. I want to leave a mark on this planet and I hope that this is one of the ways I am remembered. 

7) What are you work day essentials? 
I must start my day with some snuggle time with my daughter, a couple cups of coffee, an outfit I am proud to walk out of the house in, and a charged phone. Beyond that, I take the day as it comes taking steps to get closer to where we want to be. Oh, and I normally end the day with a glass or two of red wine! 

8) What advice would you give entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business? 
The best advice is to believe in yourself and your dream no matter if the people around you don’t. If that’s the case, get new people. When you believe and have good support, you can figure out anything and you can accomplish any goal- it will all just be a matter of time then. 

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