Friday, March 7, 2014

Midwest Bloggers: Friday Favorites Link Up, vol 3.

And just like that, we're done with another week! Here are a few of our favorite links that made our week so good :)

1. Laura's recipe for a Clementini makes us lust for spring even more {if that's even possible}. We'll be drinking these as soon at 5pm hits today!

2.  We love Shaheen's gorgeous fur + leather combination in her latest outfit post. Who knew faux fur could look so chic?

3. We're all about hometown {& state} pride, so we're obviously big fans of Abby's fabulous Indiana T-shirt and necklace combo! 

4. A few of our co-founders had an amazing time at Moda Madison's blogger panel on Wednesday night. It was so fun to meet UW Madison students and other bloggers from the Midwest & dish on what we've learned from blogging. Thanks to all who came! 

Share your fave posts from this week below!  Have an amazing weekend #midwestbloggers! 


  1. Happy weekend! :)


  2. Loving the "No Place Like Home" tee! I have a few similar Ohio tops myself :)


  3. Love these posts ladies...great way to get to know the others!

  4. Oh yeah, that Clementini has my name all over it!

  5. So happy to have a place to relate with bloggers from my area! Go Midwest-- MINNESOTA BOUND!