Friday, October 18, 2013

Guest Post: 2 Girls in Two Cities

We're thrilled to have the fabuous ladies of 2 Girls in 2 Cities sharing the cutest Halloween craft with us this Friday! We first met Amanda and Jennie {who co-write the blog} at our Chicago Bloggers Brunch, and now we're big fans of their adorable blog. Check it out if you're not obsessed already :)

Last Friday after work, my friend Natalie and I decided to have a little pumpkin date. We stopped at Trader Joe's - which has a bunch of affordable pumpkins, if you're still looking - and picked up our mini pumpkins to decorate, along with some pumpkin flavored treats for dinner. It was a great, and affordable, night (wine included), and we are already talking about the next holiday themed craft night we can plan. Handprint turkeys, anyone?

We kept it simple - just glitter and modge podge. I made each pumpkin different, and I was thrilled with the results! They add a little sparkle to my fall decor, and finally gave me a reason to use all of the craft glitter that I seem to be hoarding. 



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  1. YAY for sparkly gourds! SOO cute!