Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest Post: Katelyn of Katelyn Now

We love Katelyn's gorgeous blog, Katelyn Now, so we were thrilled when she offered to guest post on MSB. Check out what Katelyn's new favorite piece, leather leggings, and see how you can get the look too!

Katelyn Now Outfit | Katelyn Now Outfit | Katelyn Now Outfit | Katelyn Now Outfit | Katelyn Now
Cardigan, Tee, & Scarf : Gap | Necklace : Lia Sophia | Clutch : The Pleated Poppy | Faux Leather leggings : F21 | Shoes : TOMS | Photos thanks to Kate Weinstein

I mentioned my wintery black and grey clothes back in this post & here they are! With those faux leather leggings I wasn't really feeling a pop of color, afraid it might take away from the chicness of it all. On another note, I feel like that second photo is screaming "See, I can pull off these leggings as pants 'cause my tush is covered!" I'll be honest, I am not particularly a fan of the leggings as pants trend (rather than worn with a longer tunic or dress). However, there are exceptions to any rule and for this one I have two:

1. It is totally acceptable when your chillin' in your own home and you just want to be comfy.
2. As long as your tush is completely covered.
Enough about the leggings as pants for now. I've worn these incredibly comfy bottoms twice since I've purchased them. Let me tell you about the feedback I've gotten:
- After posting this photo on Instagram a friend texted me asking "Where did you get those pants?! I need them!"
- My dad (yes my father made a comment on my fashion choice!) told me I looked "so chic" when I was wearing them.
- It gets even more surprising boyfriend even made a comment on liking them as well and asked me where they were from. Can you believe it? If you knew my boyfriend you might understand how surprising this really is.
Bottom line, y'all need to go out and purchase some faux leather leggings now! Lucky for you I linked a few of my favorites to the end of the post so that you can shop the look ;)

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  1. The leggings are great but that clutch is amazing! Love it!

    xx Lux