Monday, January 20, 2014

Big News for Midwest Bloggers!

We have MAJORLY exciting things in store for the site! Thank you SO much for your feedback + support over the past year. 

We are so thrilled to share some of the news for our group including:
- a rebrand as the Midwest Bloggers Network to encompass any and all types of bloggers across our region - please be patient was we continue to rebrand our social sites!
- a BRAND new website with more features, simpler navigation (coming very very soon!)
-a contest to design a new logo for us! winner gets 6 free months of ad space & lots of good PR! 
-  weekly link ups to share + cross promote
- blogging resources & tips
- establishing "captains" of each state to help organize events
- featured blogger ad space available for only $10 a month

We will still be a group of creative + talented Midwesterners- we just want to welcome any + all! Any questions? Want to enter our logo contest! Email us and please let us know your thoughts!


  1. Way excited for all of this! I plan on entering the contest ASAP :D

    xo Ashley

  2. woohoo!! Can't wait!