Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Q&A with Heather of Pearls and Paws

Q&A with Heather of Pearls and Paws

Name – Heather
Blog Name – Pearls & Paws
Hometown – Pewaukee, WI, Currently in Minneapolis, MN
1)    How would you describe your blog in a few sentences? 
Pearls & Paws is mainly a personal style blog.  I am all about great fashion for less and love finding good deals and mixing/ matching items from my closet.  My little dog Rex makes frequent blog appearances, and every Friday I feature a “find” – whether it’s a product, quote, do-it-yourself project or something I find fabulous :)
2)    What’s your favorite part about your corner of the Midwest?
Don’t be fooled by the sub zero temps, snowstorms, and six month winters ;)  Minneapolis has a vast art scene, many colleges and universities, great music and nightlife, amazing restaurants, extensive community events, more lakes and trails than anyone could ever want, and a ton of great shopping (not to mention the home of the Mall of America and the proud headquarters of Target!). There’s always a ton to do (and most of it within a 20 minute drive) – and the friendly atmosphere creates the “Minnesota Nice” reputation we take pride in. The best part about Minneapolis is that has the attitude of a big city with the heart of a small town. 
3)   Favorite local place to shop?
Patina is one of my favorite local stores – they have a really fun mix of eclectic and unique gifts, including gorgeous accessories you won’t find anywhere else!
4) When you’re not blogging, what can you be found doing?
  From 8 to 5 I’m a marketing manager, and I teach an undergraduate marketing class on the      weekends. Outside of that you can find me at happy hour with friends, on my couch (either reading or watching bad reality TV), at the dog park with Rex, and hanging out with my boyfriend/bestie... I like to do most of these things with a glass of wine :)
5)    Why do you love about being a Midwestern blogger?
I love being able to showcase all four seasons, and hopefully break some of the stereotypes about style and fashion in the Midwest.  When it comes to fashion and trends, it’s always about either East Coast or West Coast style…  but I think we are holding our own quite nicely here in America’s Heartland :)
6)    What’s your best blogging advice?
Your blog is your world!  You can do what you want, break your own rules, go off topic, change up your focus…  and it’s inevitable that you will get frustrated and/or overwhelmed at times. When that happens to me, I step away from it all (including social media), and usually it’s the moment I stop thinking about it and trying so hard, that inspiration strikes.

And be kind to others – there is room in the blogosphere for all of us… what you put out in the world will come back, so be nice :)

    7) What are you looking forward to from the Midwest Blogging Community?
Most certainly connecting with other fashionable and fabulous Midwest gals… I travel quite a bit for work (all Midwest states!), and would love to meet up with fellow bloggers and get the inside scoop on other Midwest cities I travel to (Marriot dinners are getting old).  The Midwest feels like family – when I find out a blogger is from Wisconsin or Illinois, etc- there is an instant bond- and I love that :)
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  1. Thank you Lauren & Maya - so fun! I love Midwest Style Bloggers :)


    1. Yay! Thanks for letting us feature you! xx

  2. Love your feature and I'm excited to check out your blog! I love that we have this Midwest blog too...I haven't met anyone who lives in the Milwaukee area until now!

  3. Hi Heather! It was fun reading more about you over here!

  4. I love Heather's blog. We're both UW alums so of course I'm biased, but she's adorable and has great style