Friday, February 8, 2013

Midwest Blogger Q&A: Danielle // Life's A Journal

One of the things we're excited to do on our Midwest Style Bloggers page is put a spotlight on our talented members so you can get to know people from the midwest blogging community, read their tips, & get the details on their favorite things about their hometown.

Our first Q&A is with the lovely Danielle, of Life's a Journal!

Name – Danielle Bruflodt

Blog Name – Life's A Journal (editor's note: P.S.  be sure to check out her etsy shop too!)
Hometown – Originally from Mabel, Minnesota...currently at home in Madison, Wisconsin.

1) How would you describe your blog in a few sentences?  
A creative outlet that over the course of 4 years has manifested itself into what some would call a blossoming little blog. 
2) What’s your favorite part about your corner of the Midwest?
It didn't take me long to fall in love with Madison. My husband and I relocated here from Minneapolis about 18 months ago. One trip to the Farmer's market around Capitol Square and I was sold! Our favorite summer activity is hopping on our bikes and spending our entire Saturday riding around the city and visiting various bars, restaurants, shops and patios. 
3) Favorite local place to shop? 
Shopping was one of my biggest fears when moving to a smaller city....but I quickly found that West Towne was the mall of my dreams. It was the first mall that had some of my favorite stores all in one place: J.Crew, H & M, Bare Escentuals, Sephora, & Forever21. 
4) When you’re not blogging, what can you be found doing? 
Working from home as an information & social media manager, contributing at, playing with our Jack Russell Terrier, Walter,  decorating our new house (we moved last week!), or anxiously awaiting the next Downton Abbey episode.
5) What do you love about being a Midwestern blogger? 
I think the blogosphere in the Midwest is very welcoming:  we're all here to support, help and promote each other. 
6) What’s your best blogging advice? 
If it feels like work you're not doing it right. Blogging is supposed to be fun---it shouldn't be a chore to make yourself sit down and put together a post. 
7) What are you looking forward to from the Midwest Blogging Community? 
Meeting more creative minds! Whether it's in real life or just online it's great to connect with people that not only have similar interests...but can relate to the stress of juggling a full-time job, blogging, tweeting, promoting & managing an etsy shop, etc., and are there for you when you just want to rant about instagram crashing or last night's pinterest downage. 
Find more of Danielle at:
Twitter:  @JournalingMrs   Instagram: @JournalingMrs   Facebook: Lifes'a Journal
Keep checking back on the Midwest Style Bloggers page for more blogger features, hometown spotlights, and our favorite new posts from our members!

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