Friday, November 14, 2014


Hello! We are Kaitlyn & Lisa, sisters (in-law) who share everything from relatives to clothes. We blog about everything from lifestyle inspiration to fashion and home d├ęcor, recipes events and more (and we promise to keep the rhyming to a minimum!) We most enjoy our “rock & swap” posts because that idea of swapping clothes with a friend and making something new again is where our business began (We own two websites: Because I Shop Too Much, and Because They Grow Too Fast, Over the past two years, our blog has become our second “home,” a place to share all the moments we experience together. We look forward to all the future readers who will take a peek into our lives (and closets).

101 Things I love: Johanna is not only a good friend but a great Mom who sets the standard for us women who aim to "have it all." The theme of her blog allows a wide range of content so we always look forward to what she will surprise us with next whether it's a fashion post revolving around wide leg trousers (one of her 101 favorite things) or her top beauty picks. 
What Would V Wear: We first started interacting with Vanessa through Instagram because she is extremely diligent and generous with her daily comments, always making us smile! Since then, we have become big fans of her blog, as her style is bright and fun yet always polished and on point. You can definitely tell this girl graduated with a fashion degree ;)

Lake Shore Lady: We love the perfect combination of stye inspiration and tasty recipes Lauren shares - In both categories, the content is both approachable and heartfelt. Most recently, she featured her own (healthy version) of a pumpkin spice syrup which was a great alternative to the Starbucks version and we just couldn't pin it fast enough :) Not to mention, she is so easy to talk to! 

Stylish & Scatterbrained: Megan is one of those girls that you just want to be friends with - She is very honest with her writing by sharing personal life moments in the hopes of helping her readers which is just one thing that makes her relatable and a source of inspiration. Additionally, she can flawlessly pull off menswear just as easily as floor length florals so we always look forward to her style posts. 

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