Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Midwest Style Bloggers - Travel Edition

There's nothing we love more than the perfect vacation! Whether it's a quick weekend away to one of our "big" Midwest cities, or a cozy cabin in the woods - time away to relax and explore is always a must. 

With summer coming up, we would love to share some traveling tips from bloggers around the Midwest - from Minnetonka to Des Moines. We're asking bloggers to share their favorite sights, eats, hometown secrets, and whatever else you think a traveler would need to know coming to your city! Feel free to share tips and tricks from any other vacations you go on as well, we could always use more European getaway photos! 

Sound good? Let us know if you're up for the challenge! Email us @ and we'll feature you on the blog, our new "travels" page and more. 

Speaking of traveling - heading to Chicago anytime soon? Check out Meggan's amazing city guide here! Happy trails, and keep us in the loop on all your adventures!


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